Almond Cranberry (Dark)


Almonds and cranberries are superfoods that promote glowing skin and good health. An energising indulgence... Freshly hand-made in Singapore . No...

Caramel Sea Salt (Dark)


Salt is essential to life. It retains hydration and provides a natural balance of minerals to keep us healthy. A delightful indulgence! Freshly...

Ecuador 72% (Dark)


Dark chocolate contains the most flavonoids. It is mood-enhancing and a heart-healthy treat. A happy indulgence... Freshly hand-made in Singapore ....

Espresso (Dark)


Coffee has mood-boosting effects like increased energy and alertness. A stimulating indulgence... Freshly hand-made in Singapore . No Trans Fat . No...

Green Tea & Azuki (White)


Green tea contains high levels of catechins that fight free radicals and is associated with reduced heart disease. A healing indulgence... Freshly...

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Lavender (Dark)


Lavender is best loved for its relaxing properties and ability to relieve anxiety and insomnia. A tranquil indulgence... Freshly hand-made in...

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